UPS uninterruptible power is applied for telecommunication systems, mainly used in the information industry, IT industry, transportation, financial industry, aerospace industry, and other computer information systems, communication systems, data network centers, and other security protection issues.

The UPS uninterruptible power system equipment is applied in the industry power industry, mainly used in Industrial power equipment industry electric power, steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, petrochemical, construction, medicine, automobile, food, military and other fields, as all the power automation industrial system equipment, distance execution system equipment, high voltage circuit breaker, relay protection, automatic device, signal device, dc uninterruptible power supply equipment to ensure the reliability of industrial automation power supply.


TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery is a series of 48V battery modules utilizing advanced LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology and smart integrated BMS with the benefits of long cycle life, light in weight and compact in size, safety, and environmentally friendly. TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery can be used for various indoor or outdoor applications, Telecommunication, UPS and IDC Data Centers, Renewable Energy Storage Systems, and other Power Backup Systems.



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