Supplier of Lithium-ion Battery for on & off-grid Solar Battery Storage Systems

32V, 48V, 51.2V,102.4V Lithium-ion Battery

High Voltage Solar Storage System and BESS (battery energy storage system)

Supplier of UPS Backup System and telecommunication Backup System

On-grid + Backup Solution

Supplier of Motive Power Battery

12V Lithium-ion Batteries

Caravan, Golf Car

Supplier of Industrial Battery

Mining Industry, Rail Industry, Power Station

Aeson Power is an Australian company that provides world-leading battery products and system solutions for multi-field applications. Aeson Power is a partner company of XuPai Group. Xupai Group was established in 1995, with over 28 years of abundant experience in product development and manufacturing in the fields of power batteries, energy storage, and UPS batteries.

We pride ourselves on being an exclusive supplier of government departments and large enterprises in the Australian market. The company is oriented to high-reliability Solar Storage System,  Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Communication and Data Centers, and Motive Power by providing advice system solutions.

With continuous exploration and pursuit, Aeson Power creates brilliance in the past and innovation.

Energy Solutions for Muti-field Applications

Based on lithium batteries and management systems combined with industrial applications with in-depth research and development of energy storage systems, solar power systems, backup systems, and other solutions. 

Over the past decade, our R&D team strived to contribute their passion in research of renovation and development to keep upgrading the technology and product, and based on industry benchmarks and technology innovation, Aeson Power has developed a series of reliable and affordable battery products and solutions for different customized applications.

Technology Support and Development


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